Sony Readers - "Page Error" errors

This error occurs on older ebook reader devices, most commonly Sony Readers, when transferring eBooks from a computer to the ebook reader device in EPUB format.

There is a requirement for each chapter in the ebook to take up less than 300KB of memory of the total ebook file size. If an ebook has a chapter larger than 300KB it will cause this error.

This is only a problem for old readers, newer reader do not have this issue. As new reader devices do not have this limitation publishers are more commonly not being as careful about making sure chapters are under 300KB in size.

In the past we could contact the publisher and request they split a chapter in two to reduce the file size for the offending chapter, but as technology has moved on, and there is no real issue with the ebook file, publishers are now unwilling or unable to take the time to do so. As Sony stopped making ebook reader devices in 2014 and more and more ebooks are created that exceed the 300KB per chapter limit our policy is that we will no longer request alterations to ebooks for this error. We also will not check lists of ebooks provided by potential customers to confirm which are "Sony reader safe" and which are not.

If you have bought an ebook that displays this error please contact our support team. Please quote which reader model you own and quote the "Page Error" error and we would be happy to provide a store credit for the purchase after confirming the ebook meets the criteria.

If you have one of these older ebook reader devices and are worried that your potential purchase may have this problem, please be assured that it is still a minority of ebook files that have this issue. And if you do experience this issue you can always contact us for a store credit.

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