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Reading your ebook




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    BA Brown

    My laptop is Windows 8, (c) 2013 Microsoft; Processor: Intel(R); Core(TM)15-32; 10M CPU @ 2.50GHz; 64 bit OS. I cannot see how this could be the issue.

    Secondly, I have already downloaded the Adobe Digutal Editions Reader on my PC, and have registered myself. when I get to my account, there is no book listed for me to download.

    Assist me to get the book.
    Byron reply:

    Dear Byron,

    Your laptop should definitely be capable of installing and running Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) without issue.

    Regarding the ebook purchase being missing from your account, it is possible you have a duplicate account. Please contact our support team here:
    They can investigate further.

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    Renae Flores

    Purchased a book. Went to download it and my account is locked.... Really? Lol what did i do wrong. reply:

    Dear Renae,

    Please do not worry. This error message is incorrectly named. We never lock a user's account, and this is instead a download issue for your ebook.

    Please contact our support staff here:
    If you let us know what device you are downloading to. We can then check the ebook and fix the issue.

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    LaShandralyn Harrison Harrison

    I am attempting to download Smart but Scattered to my Andriod and it shows that I am locked out. reply:

    Dear LaShandralyn ,

    This sounds like it could be one of two potential issues. But both are easily solved. Please can you contact our support staff here:
    If you send the exact text of the error you are receiving I am sure we can resolve the issue.

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    Christine Orosco Orosco

    I have bought an ebook from have installed ADE on my pc. it works, can open sample ebook. Also have an Adobe account. I want to download the book I bought. Followed instructions but when I i want to download, it says "...cannot connect to authorization server...make sure... connected to internet. I am connected to the internet." I did download the same book in my Galaxy Tablet and there was no problems. reply:

    Dear Christine,

    This sounds like it could be a temporary connection issue with the Adobe licence server. Please wait an hour or so and retry. If this does not work, please can you contact our support staff here:
    If you send the exact text of the error you are receiving I am sure we can resolve the issue.

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    Steven Fritsche

    I downloaded a book to the Ebook app on my iPad but I can't adjust the font or page size. The top several lines of each page do not fit on the screen. reply:

    Dear Steven,

    This will be a problem with the app renderer dealing with unusual formatting in the ebook file. Please can you contact our support staff here:
    If you quote your receipt number, or email address and which book has the issue we'll be able to investigate further.

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    Angeline Schilling

    I cannot find the book that I requested. I checked my CC and its been charged, but it doesn't appear in my reader. How can I find it? reply:

    Dear Angeline,

    You should have received an order confirmation email. Please can you check the order confirmation email and take note of the invoice / receipt number. Then please contact our support team here:
    They will be able to check the order based on the invoice number and resolve the issue.

    Please can you also state what device you wish to download to and they can provide steps for downloading too.

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