I can't find the ebook I want to purchase

If you can't find an ebook within the search on eBooks.com and wish to request we add the ebook to our inventory, please fill in the "Suggest an ebook" form here.

This form can also be found on eBooks.com on the search results page. Just below the search bar on the right hand side of the screen you will find the "Suggest a book" link.

We will try to source the ebook as soon as possible, but there are many factors that will affect the availability.

If we do not already have an agreement with the publisher then we will need to approach them and request they sign an agreement. If we have an agreement already this makes the process much faster.

We will also need to check that they have the rights to sell the ebook in the relevant territories.

We also need to check that the ebook is not 'out of print', and that they have the ebook files available and correctly formatted.

Provided we can complete these steps we can then put the ebook on sale.



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