Can you auto-create user accounts for my bulk purchase?

For those individuals or companies making very large bulk purchases (i.e. hundreds) it is a large administrative task to send out each voucher to a recipient. Or some of the recipients do not have email addresses to create an account in order to redeem the voucher.

In these instances people do ask us if we can auto-create a batch of accounts that the purchaser can then use to give out to the recipients.

This is something we can do on request, but it can be done in two different ways.

The two ways are:
1. Provide a list of direct download links - which will not require any user-creation at all, but the download links only work for download to a computer (PC, Mac), it will not work for download to our Ebook Reader app on an Android or iOS devices.

2. We can bulk create accounts and redeem the vouchers for each account. In this case we need to know if you have any preferred username prefix that you want us to use. (eg. myschool1, myschool2, etc.)

If you have made a large bulk purchase and do want us to auto-create some accounts for you please contact our support team, quoting this help page and stating which method you would like to proceed with, the number of accounts needed and, if using method 2, the prefix you wish to use for the accounts.

If you haven't made your bulk purchase yet and want to know how to go about it please read Making a bulk purchase.

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