Error message: AER59925

The Online Reader works by first converting the ebook file supplied by the publisher (either PDF or EPUB) to a special format that can be read in the Online Reader. We then store the converted files for a while before deleting them (to save space).

If the ebook is being opened in the Online Reader for the first time ever, or it hasn't been opened by anyone in a while then the conversion needs to take place first before the ebook can be displayed. Normally this is done extremely quickly and it is not even noticeable. But if the conversion take longer than a couple of minutes the connection times out and gives this error: AER59925.

For most books the issue is simply that the original ebook file contains some complicated formatting or has an extremely large amount of pages (1,000+). If this is the case, the conversion will still be running in the background even though you receive the error. Please wait 15 minutes and then retry. The ebook should now display.

If, after waiting 15 minutes, retrying does not work and you receive the AER59925 error again this may mean there is an issue with the original file that is causing a problem with the conversion that simply cannot be fixed by the converter. In this case please contact our support team. Please quote the error AER59925 and explain you already tried waiting and reloading. Our developers will then investigate and see what the underlying issue is and see if they can fix it or whether we need to request a new ebook file from the publisher.

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