My ebook text is in the wrong language

This can be caused by two different issues:

The most common one is that the publisher accidentally supplied us with a translated version of the ebook instead of the English language (or intended language) version. The solution is for us to contact the publisher and request the correct file. Once it is supplied it will go live immediately and will be available to you. There may be a small delay depending on how quickly the publisher responds to our request. Normally it will not take more than a couple of days.

The second possible issue only occurs in the online reader and the text will be changed to Greek letters, but is not actually translated. In these instances all of the fonts in the ebook file are corrupt and cannot be used so it defaults to Greek. Again the solution is to request a new file from the publisher, but it might take slightly longer to receive a new ebook file as it requires some corrections by the publisher's production department. Normally this will not take longer than a week.

In both instances please complete our support form to submit a ticket to our customer support. Please state which of your ebooks is experiencing the issue and we will check all formats of the ebook then contact the publisher to request the replacement file(s). We will then inform you when the replacement has been received.

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