Making a bulk purchase

Making a bulk purchase is much the same as making a normal purchase. The differences are the way you add the book to your shopping cart and then how the purchase appears in your account after the transaction has completed.

To make a bulk purchase navigate to the product page of the ebook you wish to purchase.

Instead of clicking on the 'Add to cart' button, instead look slightly further down the page for the 'Buy multiple copies' link.

Click this link and then enter the number of copies you wish to purchase, then click 'Yes'. This will add the bulk purchase to your shopping cart.

Then go to checkout and complete your purchase as usual. Once you have completed the transaction you will find your bulk purchase on your My Account page under the heading 'My Vouchers: Gifts and Bulk Purchases'.

You can then click on 'Send voucher' to view your batch of unique voucher codes that you can send to individual recipients. The recipient of a voucher then receives an email containing the voucher code and instructions on how to redeem the voucher and download their ebook free of charge.

Please note that the maximum number of ebooks allowed in a single transaction is 300, so if you wish to purchase more than this it will need to be broken up in to more than one transaction.

If you require further assistance with making a bulk purchase or have any queries that need answering please contact our support team.

If you have made a very large bulk purchase (hundreds of ebooks), and would like help with creating accounts for all of the recipients of your vouchers, please read our help page on auto-creating user accounts.

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