Making a gift purchase

In addition to buying ebooks for your own bookshelf you can also buy ebooks as a gift to give to a friend. This works buy purchasing a voucher which you can then send to the recipient in a personalised email.

To make the purchase first navigate to the product page of the ebook you wish to purchase.

Instead of clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button, instead look slightly further down the page for the 'Give this ebook to a friend' link.

Click this link and it will add the gift purchase to your shopping cart.

Then go to checkout and complete your purchase as usual. Once you have completed the transaction you will find your gift purchase on your My Account page under the heading 'Vouchers', then 'Gift Vouchers & Bulk Purchases'.

You can then click on 'View / Send' to view the unique voucher code that you can send to the recipient. The recipient of a voucher then receives an email containing the voucher code and instructions on how to redeem the voucher and download their ebook free of charge.

Please note that the voucher code expires after two years if not redeemed so please ensure that the recipients redeem their code in a timely manner. Once the code is redeemed and the ebook is in their account they will have permanent access.

If you want to buy multiple copies as gifts to give to multiple recipients please see our article on making a bulk purchase.

Or if you prefer to simply give a gift certificate and let the recipient choose which ebooks to spend the money on please see Buying a gift certificate.

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