Installing Ebook Reader on iOS 5 and older

Firstly, if possible, please update the iOS operating system of your device to the very latest version (or an iOS version higher than 5), then retry the download of Ebook Reader.

If the latest version is not supported on your device, don't worry, although the app store says you need iOS 6 or higher for the latest version of an app, you can actually still download an older version of an app by doing the following:

  • First power on your iPad and go to Settings > Store
  • Turn Automatic Downloads for Apps On (if it is off)
  • On your PC/Mac open iTunes > iTunes Store > App Store
  • Search for the Ebook Reader app in the App Store
  • Once you have found the app, click the Download button
  • Using your iPad again, go to the App Store
  • Click on Purchased
  • Click on 'Not on this iPad', You should see the Ebook Reader app waiting there to download
  • Press the Download button and you will be given the option to download the older version of the app

Please note. If you require further assistance please contact our support team. Clearly state that you have a device running iOS 5 so we can help diagnose the issue faster. Otherwise we assume you are running the latest version of iOS.

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