Importing your own ebooks in to the Ebook Reader (Android)

In addition to downloading and reading ebooks from, or downloading ebooks from your web browser and opening them in Ebook Reader, you can also import any ebooks you already have in your collection in to the Ebook Reader app (as long as they are DRM-free).

The first step, if the files are not on your Android device already, is to transfer the files from your computer (or wherever they are stored) to your Android device. As there are so many different devices this can vary widely so we will have to leave this step out. But if the files are already saved in the memory of your Android device this step has already occurred.

  • Open the Ebook Reader app on your Android device
  • Press the menu icon in the top left
  • Select "Import ebooks" from the menu
  • You can now use the file browser to navigate to the folder where the ebook files are saved on your device, or you can press the icon in the top right that looks like a magnifying glass surrounded by a circle to have the app search your device's memory for all PDF and EPUB files (note that it has trouble finding files saved on external SD memory cards, so you may need to find those manually)
  • Tap the files that you want to import to highlight them (or press the icon that looks like 4 squares within another square to highlight all files in the folder)
  • Once you have finished making your selection press the download icon in the top right
  • Press the menu icon in the top left and return to your bookshelf to begin reading your imported files

Please note that once an ebook has been imported in to Ebook Reader, if you then delete it from within the Ebook Reader app this will remove the ebook from your device.

If you have any difficulty with the instructions or need assistance please contact our support team.

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