Using read aloud functionality

"Text to speech" (TTS) or "read aloud" functionality is where the ebook is read aloud to you. This is normally done using a computer voice rather than a recording of a human reader (i.e. an audiobook). It is mainly provided for users with extra accessibility requirements.

Not all publishers enable read aloud functionality, or they may only allow it for certain ebook formats. To check whether it is available for your ebook please go to and find the product page of your ebook. Then, underneath the "Add to Cart" button please click on the heading "Print & copy permissions". Here under "Read Aloud" it will state whether the functionality has been enabled and for which formats.

Read Aloud with Online Reader

If the read aloud functionality has been enabled for the Online Reader, then to access it all you need to do is log in to, go to your account and open the book in the Online Reader. There will be a button along the top menu bar that says "Read Aloud" and you simply click it to begin.

The read aloud functionality does require Adobe Flash in order to work, so if you do not have Adobe Flash installed, or if it is deactivated then the read aloud button shows as a red X until you install Adobe Flash and restart the browser. Clicking the red X will prompt installation of Adobe Flash.

Read Aloud with PDF or EPUB download

Unfortunately Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and our Ebook Reader app do not currently have read aloud functionality. Here is a list of Adobe DRM compatible iOS and Android apps that have read aloud functionality:

* PocketBook
* Bookari Ebook Reader (Premium version only)


If you would prefer to use a screen reader in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer then please see our help article regarding using screen readers with Adobe Digital Editions.
iOS also has a screen reader called VoiceOver and Android has one called TalkBack.

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