Will my Kindle work with your ebooks?

The ebooks sold by eBooks.com have Adobe DRM applied to them. This means they are not compatible with most Kindle devices as Amazon use their own bespoke DRM and format. In essence they have created a closed platform.

However, you can read your eBooks.com ebooks on your Kindle Fire, Fire HD, or HDX by side loading our Ebook Reader app.

If you are not sure which version of Kindle you own, or which 'generation' as they are referred to, please check the serial number.

The serial number is a 16 digit code that is displayed on the box that your Kindle was packaged in. Or you can find it by powering on your Kindle and going to 'Settings' then 'Device Info'.

Find your specific generation or model based on the first four characters of the serial number.

Kindle (2007): B001, B101
Kindle 2 (2009): B002, B003
Kindle DX (2010): B004, B005, B009
Kindle Keyboard (2010): B006, B008, B00A
Kindle 4 (2011): B00E, B023, 9023
Kindle 5 / Touch (2012): B00F, B010, B011, B012
Kindle Paperwhite (2012): B024, B01B, B01C, B01D, B01F, B020
Kindle Paperwhite 2 (2013): B0D4, 90D4, B0D5, 90D5, B0D6, 90D6, B0D7, 90D7, B0D8, 90D8, B0F2, 90F2, B017, 9017, B060, 9060, B062, 9062, B05F, 905F
Kindle Basic (2014): B0C6, 90C6, B0DD, 90DD
Kindle 7 (2014): B001, B0C6, 90C6, B0DD, 90DD
Kindle Voyage (2014): B00I, B013,B02A, B052, B053, B054
Kindle Paperwhite 3 (2015): G090
Kindle Oasis: G0B0
Kindle 8: B018
Kindle Basic 2: G000
Kindle Fire (2011) "First Generation": D01E
Kindle Fire (2012) "Second Generation": D026
Kindle Fire HD 7 (2012) "Second Generation": D025, D059
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2012) "Second Generation": B0C9, B0CA, B0CB, B0CC
Kindle Fire HD 7 (2013) "Third Generation": 00D2, 00D3
Kindle Fire HDX 7 (2013) "Third Generation": D0FB, 00FB, 00FC, 0072, 00FD, 00FE, 0073, 006C, 006D, 006E
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2013) "Third Generation": 0018, 0057, 005E, 00F3, 0019, 0058, 007D, 007E, 007F
Kindle Fire HD 6 (2014) "Fourth Generation": 00DA, 0088, 00A4, 00A5, 00A6, 00AD, 00A9, 00AE, 00B4, 00B6
Kindle Fire HD 7 (2014) "Fourth Generation": 0092, 0093, 0063, 006B, 00DE, 00AA, 00DF, 00AB, 00B0, 00B2
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014) "Fourth Generation": Unknown
Kindle Fire (2015) "Fifth Generation": A000, G0K0
Kindle Fire HD 8 (2015) "Fifth Generation": Unknown
Kindle Fire HD 10 (2015) "Fifth Generation": Unknown

In the list above only those devices listed in Bold typeface will work with our Ebook Reader app.

If you own one of these devices, instructions for how to install Ebook Reader on your device can be found here.

If you want to know more about what formats we offer, or what devices you can read our ebooks on please check our ebook Formats guide and Device guide.

If you can't find the help that you need please contact our support team.

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