Using Online Reader sells books in different formats. One of them is an online format - meaning you read the book online in the same web browser you used to purchase your ebook. No software installation, no fuss, available on any device with an internet browser.

To display the contents of your ebooks online, we use our own browser-based Online Reader. You don't need to download any software in order to use Online Reader because the reader allows your books to just open up inside the same browser you use to surf the web. It is compatible with all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge. It is not compatible with Opera. Please note you also need to have Javascript enabled in order for the reader to operate.

This reader can be used on any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. Our Online Reader is unique to, and we were the first online bookstore to allow our readers to read entire books online.

Not all of our ebooks are available to be read online, because some publishers have yet to sign on to the program. For books that are available to read online, you'll see "Read online" listed among the formats on the product page, just below the book blurb.

Online Reader books do not have to be purchased separately, and when available you will have access to the Online Reader version with the purchase of books that show a read online option.

If you experience any difficulty with our Online Reader please try our troubleshooter or search within the Help Centre for an answer. If you can't find the solution, or get stuck at any point please contact our support team.

If you want to download your ebook instead please see our guide to Reading your ebook.

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