Error message: Can't download

This is an old error message (primarily for Android) that has been fixed for some time in newer versions of the app. If you are receiving it then likely the following is correct:

  • Your device is running Android 3.0 - 3.2.6 (or an older version of iOS)
  • This means it cannot run the latest version of the app and instead you have the last version that is compatible with that operating system (app version 4.1.2, which has a black and wood effect colour scheme)

There are two solutions to this issue but unfortunately it is common for neither to be viable.

1. If possible update your operating system (OS) to the newest version, then install the latest version of the app where this issue has been fixed. This might not be possible if your device is more than a year old as older devices tend to only get one or two OS version updates and then stop being supported by the manufacturer (Apple and Google's own devices are the exception).

2. Try a different reader app. We normally suggest Bluefire Reader as an alternative. However quite often this does not work because, again, you would be installing an older version of the app and it may experience the exact same issue (although the error message / behaviour could differ).

If neither solution works for you, or you need help with either solution please contact our support team. Please be sure to mention the title of the ebook, your device, it's operating system (and version number), the version number of the Ebook Reader app and it's colour scheme (black and wood effect, or white and blue). If you have tried both solutions please state this also. Or what aspect you need assistance with.

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