Transferring an ebook from ADE to an ereader device using Linux

If you want to transfer your ebook from Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your Linux computer to an ebook reader device this should be possible, but there is an issue with Wine recognizing USB connections, so this may cause your ebook reader device to not show up under the list of devices in ADE.

The solution to this is below, using a NOOK ereader device as an example:

  • Connect your NOOK to your computer so Linux mounts it as /media/nook
  • Run winecfg and go to the Devices tab
  • You should see drive E: is mapped to /media/nook
  • Select E: and then click Show Advanced and set the Type to Floppy disk (you CANNOT choose autodettect)
  • Click Apply and *not* OK (If you click OK, the winecfg window will be dismissed and the settings will not take effect. Hitting Apply will keep the winecfg window in place and the settings will be saved correctly)
  • Leaving the winecfg window up with the correct setting for E: as a Floppy disk, then run ADE and the NOOK should appear

If this still does not resolve the issue please contact our support team and we will do our best to help. Please be sure to mention you are using Linux and explain the nature of the issue you are having in full.

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